Thursday, 26 November 2009

Hello Cleveland! Or not as the case may be…

Hello to the big wide world – Jupiter Rocks has landed!

I’ve always wanted to blog but truth be known, although I can talk for England some of which may be complete and utter rubbish, I do have trouble putting my thoughts into words which is one reason I love music as someone else has more than likely said it, not that that helps if you are having a conversation with someone! Anyway...

I won a Planet Rock competition last week to go to an exclusive performance from Bad Company at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Paul Rodgers of Bad Company at the Hard Rock Cafe, London

I never win anything so I was really pleased especially after seeing Paul Rodgers in concert on 6 November at Hammersmith Apollo and he was only on stage for 1 hour and 20 minutes – it kind of felt like the encore we didn’t get! I took my good friend Carol and I recorded two of the numbers they played ‘Shooting Star’ and ‘Seagull’. I was surprised we were allowed to, normally someone comes up to you and tells you to put the camera away. I’ve never really known why this should be and these days with viral marketing it probably helps in promoting bands rather than hindering them. I also managed to get them to sign my winning email as it was all I had on me to add to my collection of memorabilia.

I’ve only got one more gig this year and that will be ‘The Union’ on 15 December somewhere in Islington I think. Haven’t had the tickets as yet nor the ‘exclusive, not sold on the night’ t-shirt. I do already have about three more concerts booked for the New Year which are, Europe, Bad Company and Joe Bonamassa. I am still thinking about getting tickets for Kiss that go on sale this Friday – all this gigging costs a pretty penny that’s for sure.

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