Monday, 7 December 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It

I don't like Christmas - and that's official! Being a mum of six I've always made an effort to make it as nice as possible, and memorable for them - just like my mum did for us but boy do I hate the run up to it! I cannot bear to have decorations up sooner than the 24th of December but they always get put up for my third son's birthday on the 6th - this little tradition only came about because he is a chronic asthma sufferer and aged three had to spend a lot of time in hospital just before Christmas so we put all the decorations up for him - he's 24, married now and doesn't live at home but we are still doing it! I've drawn the line at a tree and have insisted it comes into the house a week before Christmas - we had two last year because the first one dried out despite being kept watered the week before and I don't want to have to decorate, undecorate and redecorate again this year, not to mention the fact that the stupid thing fell down twice! I have allowed the rustic style garlands on rope with pine cones and something indeterminate on (could be gold ribbon!) I bought from John Lewis 16 years ago, the wooden advent calendar I bought this year as all six kids still expect one including new wife and old girlfriend of the eldest at the grand old age of 27! I decided to invest in one I just have to add the chocolate to rather than have eight random, cheap boxes hanging all over the house, and the Christmas village which my youngest decided to resurrect after being told stories about how my mum used to put one out every year so now we have that done in memory of her, including over sized figures plus he will insist on using baby talc for the snow because it's more 'realistic'! There was also the matter of a nativity scene that was placed in front of the advent calendar, beside the village and three QVC carol singer Yankee candle smelly things on the sideboard...

Whilst waiting for birthday boy and his wife to show for dinner, eldest son decided to nit pick at the ensemble, son three decided to move parts of the village scene around every time he passed it which riled son number five (the youngest). Son number one, only daughter (child number two) and son number four decided to mock everything because of all the opposing values, particulary the hand carved ebony wood nativity scene I bought in Tanzania whilst on holiday years ago and has been part of their Christmas for many years seemed to cause a raucous that resulted me whipping them up and chucking them behind a mirror on the stairs! Not sure why I picked them to get rid of - may have been partly because they are wood and the rest was all breakable, otherwise I think I would have done a glorious swipe and wrecked the lot! I hold my hand up and swear the devil made me do it - I'm not normally that vicious! (Disclaimer: Do not watch video if easily offended - it's funny but rude!)

So, the petty arguments have already started and it's only the 7th December - I don't think I will take my bangle off this month as I'll need someone to blame for my madness!

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