Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Funkier Than A Mosquito's Tweeter

I've just seen the 'Twilight' films pretty much back to back and whilst I can't honestly say they rocked my world, I did sort of like them even though they were a bit on the tame side, which suits me as I'm not into blood and gore but whatever happened to the 'old' vampires that used to be in films? Just like policemen, even they are getting younger! Oh well, it's just a bit of fantasy...

I did notice that fingerless gloves seem to be the order of the day in this film. I spent most of last winter knitting copious amounts of these things in various colours but funnily enough not in black, which I did today. After knitting and sewing them up I left them on top of my box of ribbons and wool which caused a reel of blood red ribbon to fall on the floor, pulling a glove down with it and spilling over it like blood... It was then I thought I would lace the ribbon onto the glove - it was only after I noticed it resembled the cover of the third book in the Twilight series - so they have inadvertantly been inspired by it!
To add a bit of bling I hand stamped two silver plated oval pendants to represent the moon with the words 'twilight' (of course!) and 'I run with vampires' - which I sewed onto the gloves to give them a truly unique look so you can keep warm, match your book and turn the pages which makes them 'funkier than a mosquito's tweeter'!! (song by Joe Bonamassa)

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