Saturday, 19 December 2009

More Than Words...

Ok ok ok! I've been continually asked what I want for Christmas so many times these passed few days (weeks even) and as ever, I don't want or need anything because I just buy what I want, when I want whether I need it or not anytime of the year added to that I never get what I want anyway and don't believe in 'its the thought that counts' because it seems to be an excuse bandied about just to give anything whether you like it or not. (And breathe....!)

Well, I've finally found something I want! (No not him but gorgeous eh?!!!) Today I stumbled across something amazing and if I won the lottery I would buy every single one just because I could! What is she babbling about I hear you ask? Nuno Bettencourt (we're not worthy) of Extreme has put up for sale on Ebay a load of his guitars, mostly Washburns, many of which were custom built especially for him or a very limited edition. I'm not particularly fussy which one I get but ideally I want the 'Ernie Ball Music Man Edward Van Halen guitar gold top which was owned by the Eddie Van Halen and Nuno Bettencourt and kills two birds with one stone! Oh what a happy girl I would be - and I've been good all year too!

In case Santa is out there reading this - here's the link...! Ebay (I'm working on the premises of 'be careful what you wish for as you might just get it'!!!)

Oh - and just because I don't know how to play a guitar (I gave up when it meant having short nails) doesn't mean I can't appreciate a beautiful instrument - and on the plus side I have four sons that can play a mean guitar anyway so I'd get to hear it as well as touch it! I suppose if all else fails there is always the credit card!

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