Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Heat Is On...

Things are pretty busy here at the moment and I am working around the clock to get all these hand made goodies done before the last posting date on the 21st December for the UK. Last date for Europe is tomorrow 13th December. The Rest of the World's last date was 6th December for deliveries before Christmas.

I can accept orders up until the 16th December, however if I have all the necessary components in this may be extended until the 18th but would suggest that Special Delivery is used to guarantee next day delivery weather permitting.

That's it for now and I will leave you with my favourite band - well joint favourite with Thunder ;o) - Train - 'Shake Up Christmas', the footage was used from their concert at the Shepherds Bush Empire on 25th October which I was at, loved the way they integrated the actors into the gig. This is the song used in the new Christmas Coke advert which I've just seen on TV! Unfortunately the real video can't be embedded so you will have to have a look on You Tube so I will leave you with this one instead - you could have a sing-a-long if you could see all the lyrics!

The TV Ad... Go on, you know you want to...!

And Glenn Fry's 'The Heat Is On' - haven't heard that in a while!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Happy Birthday...

I was asked last week to make a bangle for Vanessa White, from The Saturdays for her 21st birthday which was on Saturday.

The bangle's wording was 'Vanessa - Truly Amazing - 21'.

Apparently, she loved it! Here she is pictured with her friend Jaynee who is from the girl band Sinergy also showing off a bangle I made for her birthday!

Thursday, 2 September 2010

(You Want To) Make A Memory

At the end of the summer term, my youngest son asked me to make his art teacher a necklace as she often mentioned her grand children and he thought she might like it. I made the necklace and also made one for the children's mum. He took it school and was taken aback by the fact he was hugged and wasn't expecting it - being a 14 year old, it probably isn't cool to be hugged by a teacher! He came home at the end of the day pleased with himself that he had made his teacher happy which in turn made me happy that he was happy!

These are the necklaces and here is a snippet of the thank you card I received a couple of days later...

It's not Cartier but it holds something more precious to the person wearing it that no diamond can compare to. Design and create a piece of jewellery for an important person in your life and make a memory that will last forever.

Saturday, 31 July 2010

Let There Be Rock...

Being a bit of a rock fan (a lot actually!) I like it to sneak into my creations wherever possible and sneak in it did! I've been staring at these handmade leather wristbands for a few days now thinking how plain there were, which isn't a bad thing but who wants plain?! With my music blaring, staring at my silver blanks it just dawned on me I don't really do any men's jewellery and so these heavy leather wristbands were born. I quite like the idea of the silver being sewn onto the leather - not a new idea I know, no need to fix it if it isn't broken - so I didn't!

As with pretty much everything I make, you are not limited and can have anything stamped onto your silver you like, as long as it fits. I think I'll try and find some bright colours and do some of these for women a bit more lady like than me - what do you think?

The music accompanying my post today is AC/DC's 'Let There Be Rock' as I prefer their original version to the cover that Onslaught did which is what the wristbands are sitting on although I do love their picture disc! Party on dudes!

Friday, 16 April 2010

I Will Survive... Bad Company...

I've not written anything on here for a while so thought I should update and as I did more last weekend than I have since the beginning of the year it seemed like a good time!

I was given tickets by my daughter for Mother's Day to see Priscilla Queen of the Desert at the Palace Theatre last Friday and I have to say it was the best night out I've had for a long time. It was funny and all the actors were excellent. Jason Donovan was surprisingly good and Oliver Thornton who played Felicia (Guy Pearce's part in the film) absolutely out shone the lot of them. Definitely worth seeing. As usual the only downside was the cost of drinks - nearly £18 for two glasses of red wine which wasn't even nice. Its about time this extortionate pricing, along with excessive booking fees was stopped.

My next outing was on Sunday to see Bad Company at Wembley Arena. As much as I like Paul Rodgers he doesn't seem to like to be on stage any longer than he has to and again was only on for an hour and 20 mintues - still the songs are good so definitely worth seeing. Can't say I left the venue on a high like I have done with bands such as Thunder, Mr Big or Europe - their front men had a knack of getting the crowd going - Mr Rodgers seems to be lacking in that department. Did I say I 'met' him?! At the Hard Rock Cafe last November when I won a competition - I managed to get his autograph but he couldn't wait to get away from everyone. It was a bit like trying to get a hold of a hamster in a cage! He was pleasant enough but you know when someone doesn't want to be somewhere....

The support acts consisted of his son Steve who is incredibly talented and you could hear how much like his dad he sounds during certain songs - definitely one to watch out for. The Joe Perry Project (guitarist from Aerosmith) was a tad boring if I am honest. I like a couple of his songs but hopes he doesn't give up his day job - I've never wished a band to get off stage more than this one (apart from My Bloody Valentine and McQueen - oh and the Libertines!) and every time you thought they were finished someone brought another guitar on...

Wembley is another place where they charge stupid amounts for food and drink. A small bottle - less than a can of drink by a considerable amount was £4.50 for nothing short of cooking wine. A dry chicken burger, no bigger than three chicken nuggets but almost see through with 12 strips ( if you were lucky) of lettuce with chips was £6.50 - the bread was stale and they didn't even put mayonnaise on it. Absolutely dreadful. I don't mind paying higher prices if you get something worth having but this was taking the mickey by anyone's standards. One of Wembley's policies is to take the lids off the drinks if you come in with one and also if you buy a bottle of drink. I walk using a crutch and its quite difficult to carry a bag, holding a crutch and a drink and then to negotiate stairs so I always ask if I can have the lid which they always refuse so I keep some spares in my bag (get out of that one and stay fashionable Wembley!) However, on buying a miniature bottle of red wine, I asked the sales chap if I could leave the lid on which at first he said no he would get into trouble - by whom is anyone's guess because I was hardly going to report him now, was I?! After some pleading he did let me have it as long as I put the drink in my bag - which I was going to do anyway! I know why they don't let you have the lids on bottles but by the same token I have been to concerts where people have flung half full plastic cups at the stage and worse still, throwing 2p pieces but they don't take those off you. If people are going to throw things they will find something. I'd like to think people going to the concerts I go to, at our age, were way passed that kind of behaviour. It's not something I've ever done and can't imagine for one minute wanting to throw something at a band I've paid good money to see...

And those folks were my best bits of the month!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Price of Love

I often think I was not in the queue when they were handing out all things cutesy and girlie because if there is one thing I absolutely loathe to read in a listing for homemade or hand crafted goods is 'Made With Love'... Arrggghhh it does my head in! Now it's not that I am devoid of love, far from it but if you are selling something is it really made with love? Taking care and pride in anything you make to ensure it's as perfect as it can be isn't done because of love, it's done because it wouldn't be worth doing if it wasn't right (although there is probably a whole other blog post on that subject!) Sure, giving something you have made to a friend or a loved one, of course there is going to be love involved but handing it over for cold, hard cash doesn't strike me there is any love gained - after all you can buy just about anything if the price is right and no love changes hands! Is the love passed down through the product to the seller and then on to the recipient? I don't think when I buy a box of chocolates (handmade or not) that there is love involved between me and the seller - that bit comes from when I hand my gift over. To me 'made with love' means it's not going to be perfect because if love is involved it doesn't matter. Others thoughts are most welcome on this - my cold, cold heart needs thawing!

Friday, 19 February 2010

Gonna Get Ready...

I have to get ready for something! I've been out of action for the last couple of weeks due to getting the swine flu or pig flu as its been known in our house. Overall, despite being diagnosed by the doctor, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and have actually had worse bouts of 'ordinary' flu, the last one which was in 1996 and I'll never forget how bad that was and this one was no where near as bad. Obviously people with underlying conditions are the ones to be concerned about, as I was with my two asthmatic sons but it caused no more problems for them, luckily. Swine flu was downgraded two days after we all got it and was probably one of the last few to get the Tamiflu drug from the Pandemic Flu people as they shut up shop on 11 February - I didn't take it as I'm not a believer in drugs of any kind for things I think a healthy body should be able to fight - I can't even bear the smell of Vicks! I do believe in mind over matter though so I'm not sure if this lasting tiredness is from the flu or because I've got used to doing nothing. If I am honest, it'll be the latter!

My latest music inspired items I have made are a 'Poison' and 'Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll tags after watching 'Rock of Love' with Bret Michaels from Poison (Viva channel 21 on Freeview) - which was toxic in itself! If you've not seen the programme (it is on at 2am every night so probably not) he is looking for the love of his life by having a selection of 20 plus women that have to prove they are the woman for him - him being the prize. It's compulsive viewing but for all the wrong reasons! How any woman wants to watch the 'love of her life' go through countless women right before her eyes before he picks her as his woman is too far out there for me! He is on series 3 at the moment so it's not working that's for sure!

I have a treat in store for me tomorrow as I am off to see Europe at the Shepherds Bush Empire and can't wait. It's a double treat too as it falls on a Saturday (Friday being the other exception) so it means fish and chips afterwards! This is my first gig this year as I put off going to any in case we had snow and I wouldn't be able to go. I last saw them three years ago and they were outstanding. I have to say I am and never was a fan of The Final Countdown - in fact it is up there with my dreaded songs to find on a playlist but to watch the crowd go mad for the encore when it gets played is uplifting to say the least! The place literally shakes! I might make my exit at that point and probably will be home before the rest of the audience get out of the building! I love going to the Shepherds Bush Empire. It's about ten minutes from my house by car and I can park at the back of the Empire easily for free. The venue is just big enough for the bands not to be too far away from you so it's great from every angle for me - we will also get to the chip shop before it closes! :o)

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Brand New Start

I have been rather busy just lately trying to organise myself and build a new website which I usually enjoy doing. The sense of achievement when having mastered something is great plus I've always been rather inquisitive as to how things work so delving into the depths of anything to do with the computer has always fascinated me. So! There I was going through different systems to build my new site and testing out different shopping carts when I noticed that I had a duplicate folder of my Jupiter Rocks website I hadn't noticed before so I thought - and it seemed logical at the time - there are two, I only need one so I shall delete the extra folder... I didn't think anything more of it until I wanted to update my site with some new jewellery and there was nothing... absolutely nothing other than a rather large white space in front of me, to add even more grief to the situation I'd even deleted the admin files so I couldn't even log into the back end!!! I've done many a silly thing in my time but this one takes the biscuit - oh and wait! There's more! Did I back my site up? The answer to that little gem is only some of it - how was I supposed to know there was a facility to download a complete zipped file of my whole site in the control panel?!! I back up all my drives regularly on my pc and even burn the files to DVD to make sure I have a physical copy so why didn't I think I should back up my website?! I can't answer that one just as I don't know what made me think I needed to delete that folder - it wasn't doing anything, it wasn't in the way and my host has unlimited space so it really didn't matter that it had an extra folder. Still, it's a lesson I've learned and I KNOW I won't be doing that again. My new site which is still being built gets a daily back up in full now - just in case! I will get back to rebuilding Jupiter Rocks, at some point in time - thank heavens for Folsky and Misi that's all I can say or I'd be well and truly stuffed!

The moral of this sad tale is - BACK UP EVERYTHING on a spare drive and make a physical copy - and just for good measure make another one!

'Brand New Start' is by Alter Bridge who I have seen live and they are just amazing and because of that I shall treat you to my favourite AB track (well, one of them!)
'Watch Over You' as well as the title one.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Seven Impossible Days

Thank heavens that's all over! I hope everyone had a fabulous time. I didn't get Nuno Bettencourt's Ernie Ball Music Man guitar for Christmas which was a tad disappointing but I did get some RAM to take me up to 4 gb, a 1.5 tb external hard drive and a new keyboard amongst lots of other lovely edible and drinkable stuff so I'm happy!

It's snowing AGAIN! What is it with the British weather - first they are telling you about global warming, the next thing you're knee deep in snow... me thinks they are telling porkies! All I know is I shan't be venturing out in it. I got caught once when it snowed whilst I was at work and wanted to get home as quickly as I could but my line manager wouldn't let me go (thanks Jeremy!) and said it wouldn't stick... well it did and I had to drive home in it, which was fine until I had to turn into the road where I park which is a road that has a gradient and I was slip sliding all over the place - not only that, I'd had a hip replacement the previous year and couldn't walk from where I had parked to home - negotiating snow with normal legs is hard enough, add a dodgy hip and a crutch to the equation and it's nye on impossible. Luckily one of my sons had an idea and got a quilt cover to cover the snow whilst I walked on it - it took half an hour to do a less than two minute walk to my house but I got there unscathed and didn't slip once - however, NEVER AGAIN will I venture out if it snows. I didn't book any gigs for January just in case although I do have one in February to see EUROPE at the Shepherds Bush Empire and I'm hoping we will be passed all this by then. I just hate snow with a vengeance! Give me a good freezing cold sunny day and I'm happy but no snow! Although it has been pretty nippy I have to admit to having had the windows open today and even had the fan on last night but that's an age thing! lol The heating is jacked up to 30 degrees but the average temperature in the house is about 18 degrees - don't know how that works...

I might venture to the back door tomorrow and take a picture of the garden just to remind me how horrible this stuff really is!

Anyway, enough of my inane ramblings - I've got some creating to do!

Seven Impossible Days - Mr Big (From the album Big, Bigger, Biggest)