Friday, 19 February 2010

Gonna Get Ready...

I have to get ready for something! I've been out of action for the last couple of weeks due to getting the swine flu or pig flu as its been known in our house. Overall, despite being diagnosed by the doctor, it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be and have actually had worse bouts of 'ordinary' flu, the last one which was in 1996 and I'll never forget how bad that was and this one was no where near as bad. Obviously people with underlying conditions are the ones to be concerned about, as I was with my two asthmatic sons but it caused no more problems for them, luckily. Swine flu was downgraded two days after we all got it and was probably one of the last few to get the Tamiflu drug from the Pandemic Flu people as they shut up shop on 11 February - I didn't take it as I'm not a believer in drugs of any kind for things I think a healthy body should be able to fight - I can't even bear the smell of Vicks! I do believe in mind over matter though so I'm not sure if this lasting tiredness is from the flu or because I've got used to doing nothing. If I am honest, it'll be the latter!

My latest music inspired items I have made are a 'Poison' and 'Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll tags after watching 'Rock of Love' with Bret Michaels from Poison (Viva channel 21 on Freeview) - which was toxic in itself! If you've not seen the programme (it is on at 2am every night so probably not) he is looking for the love of his life by having a selection of 20 plus women that have to prove they are the woman for him - him being the prize. It's compulsive viewing but for all the wrong reasons! How any woman wants to watch the 'love of her life' go through countless women right before her eyes before he picks her as his woman is too far out there for me! He is on series 3 at the moment so it's not working that's for sure!

I have a treat in store for me tomorrow as I am off to see Europe at the Shepherds Bush Empire and can't wait. It's a double treat too as it falls on a Saturday (Friday being the other exception) so it means fish and chips afterwards! This is my first gig this year as I put off going to any in case we had snow and I wouldn't be able to go. I last saw them three years ago and they were outstanding. I have to say I am and never was a fan of The Final Countdown - in fact it is up there with my dreaded songs to find on a playlist but to watch the crowd go mad for the encore when it gets played is uplifting to say the least! The place literally shakes! I might make my exit at that point and probably will be home before the rest of the audience get out of the building! I love going to the Shepherds Bush Empire. It's about ten minutes from my house by car and I can park at the back of the Empire easily for free. The venue is just big enough for the bands not to be too far away from you so it's great from every angle for me - we will also get to the chip shop before it closes! :o)

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