Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Price of Love

I often think I was not in the queue when they were handing out all things cutesy and girlie because if there is one thing I absolutely loathe to read in a listing for homemade or hand crafted goods is 'Made With Love'... Arrggghhh it does my head in! Now it's not that I am devoid of love, far from it but if you are selling something is it really made with love? Taking care and pride in anything you make to ensure it's as perfect as it can be isn't done because of love, it's done because it wouldn't be worth doing if it wasn't right (although there is probably a whole other blog post on that subject!) Sure, giving something you have made to a friend or a loved one, of course there is going to be love involved but handing it over for cold, hard cash doesn't strike me there is any love gained - after all you can buy just about anything if the price is right and no love changes hands! Is the love passed down through the product to the seller and then on to the recipient? I don't think when I buy a box of chocolates (handmade or not) that there is love involved between me and the seller - that bit comes from when I hand my gift over. To me 'made with love' means it's not going to be perfect because if love is involved it doesn't matter. Others thoughts are most welcome on this - my cold, cold heart needs thawing!