Saturday, 31 July 2010

Let There Be Rock...

Being a bit of a rock fan (a lot actually!) I like it to sneak into my creations wherever possible and sneak in it did! I've been staring at these handmade leather wristbands for a few days now thinking how plain there were, which isn't a bad thing but who wants plain?! With my music blaring, staring at my silver blanks it just dawned on me I don't really do any men's jewellery and so these heavy leather wristbands were born. I quite like the idea of the silver being sewn onto the leather - not a new idea I know, no need to fix it if it isn't broken - so I didn't!

As with pretty much everything I make, you are not limited and can have anything stamped onto your silver you like, as long as it fits. I think I'll try and find some bright colours and do some of these for women a bit more lady like than me - what do you think?

The music accompanying my post today is AC/DC's 'Let There Be Rock' as I prefer their original version to the cover that Onslaught did which is what the wristbands are sitting on although I do love their picture disc! Party on dudes!

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