Thursday, 2 September 2010

(You Want To) Make A Memory

At the end of the summer term, my youngest son asked me to make his art teacher a necklace as she often mentioned her grand children and he thought she might like it. I made the necklace and also made one for the children's mum. He took it school and was taken aback by the fact he was hugged and wasn't expecting it - being a 14 year old, it probably isn't cool to be hugged by a teacher! He came home at the end of the day pleased with himself that he had made his teacher happy which in turn made me happy that he was happy!

These are the necklaces and here is a snippet of the thank you card I received a couple of days later...

It's not Cartier but it holds something more precious to the person wearing it that no diamond can compare to. Design and create a piece of jewellery for an important person in your life and make a memory that will last forever.

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