Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Brand New Start

I have been rather busy just lately trying to organise myself and build a new website which I usually enjoy doing. The sense of achievement when having mastered something is great plus I've always been rather inquisitive as to how things work so delving into the depths of anything to do with the computer has always fascinated me. So! There I was going through different systems to build my new site and testing out different shopping carts when I noticed that I had a duplicate folder of my Jupiter Rocks website I hadn't noticed before so I thought - and it seemed logical at the time - there are two, I only need one so I shall delete the extra folder... I didn't think anything more of it until I wanted to update my site with some new jewellery and there was nothing... absolutely nothing other than a rather large white space in front of me, to add even more grief to the situation I'd even deleted the admin files so I couldn't even log into the back end!!! I've done many a silly thing in my time but this one takes the biscuit - oh and wait! There's more! Did I back my site up? The answer to that little gem is only some of it - how was I supposed to know there was a facility to download a complete zipped file of my whole site in the control panel?!! I back up all my drives regularly on my pc and even burn the files to DVD to make sure I have a physical copy so why didn't I think I should back up my website?! I can't answer that one just as I don't know what made me think I needed to delete that folder - it wasn't doing anything, it wasn't in the way and my host has unlimited space so it really didn't matter that it had an extra folder. Still, it's a lesson I've learned and I KNOW I won't be doing that again. My new site which is still being built gets a daily back up in full now - just in case! I will get back to rebuilding Jupiter Rocks, at some point in time - thank heavens for Folsky and Misi that's all I can say or I'd be well and truly stuffed!

The moral of this sad tale is - BACK UP EVERYTHING on a spare drive and make a physical copy - and just for good measure make another one!

'Brand New Start' is by Alter Bridge who I have seen live and they are just amazing and because of that I shall treat you to my favourite AB track (well, one of them!)
'Watch Over You' as well as the title one.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Seven Impossible Days

Thank heavens that's all over! I hope everyone had a fabulous time. I didn't get Nuno Bettencourt's Ernie Ball Music Man guitar for Christmas which was a tad disappointing but I did get some RAM to take me up to 4 gb, a 1.5 tb external hard drive and a new keyboard amongst lots of other lovely edible and drinkable stuff so I'm happy!

It's snowing AGAIN! What is it with the British weather - first they are telling you about global warming, the next thing you're knee deep in snow... me thinks they are telling porkies! All I know is I shan't be venturing out in it. I got caught once when it snowed whilst I was at work and wanted to get home as quickly as I could but my line manager wouldn't let me go (thanks Jeremy!) and said it wouldn't stick... well it did and I had to drive home in it, which was fine until I had to turn into the road where I park which is a road that has a gradient and I was slip sliding all over the place - not only that, I'd had a hip replacement the previous year and couldn't walk from where I had parked to home - negotiating snow with normal legs is hard enough, add a dodgy hip and a crutch to the equation and it's nye on impossible. Luckily one of my sons had an idea and got a quilt cover to cover the snow whilst I walked on it - it took half an hour to do a less than two minute walk to my house but I got there unscathed and didn't slip once - however, NEVER AGAIN will I venture out if it snows. I didn't book any gigs for January just in case although I do have one in February to see EUROPE at the Shepherds Bush Empire and I'm hoping we will be passed all this by then. I just hate snow with a vengeance! Give me a good freezing cold sunny day and I'm happy but no snow! Although it has been pretty nippy I have to admit to having had the windows open today and even had the fan on last night but that's an age thing! lol The heating is jacked up to 30 degrees but the average temperature in the house is about 18 degrees - don't know how that works...

I might venture to the back door tomorrow and take a picture of the garden just to remind me how horrible this stuff really is!

Anyway, enough of my inane ramblings - I've got some creating to do!

Seven Impossible Days - Mr Big (From the album Big, Bigger, Biggest)