Sunday, 10 July 2011

Mother of Mine...

My kids always say I am impossible to buy a present for because I will always buy what I want when the fancy takes me so there is never an opportunity to get me something I have always wanted because I usually already have it! Also, as time goes by there is probably less I want or need which again makes it harder to buy a present. However, there is always room for another trinket, although I do recall one of my brood saying there was no point buying me jewellery because I can make it myself!

Luckily for the majority of mothers this isn't going to be the problem. Mum's always love when their children give them a present - I still have drawings and strange sculptures made by little hands so lovingly that never fail to bring a tear to my eye, which brings me to the video I was sent by a customer (thank you Dean!) who purchased a 'Forever Family' bangle for Christmas and shows how his mum shed a tear when she saw all her children's names hand stamped into the silver - something that was given to her by her children to remind her of how much they love her and also how much she loves them.

Customers often write and tell me how the personalised jewellery I have made for them brings tears of joy to the recipient - if not the giver too!

My children aren't in the position to give me one of these bangles as I already wear one with their names on (I guess they were right!) Even though they didn't give it to me, I wear it every day, see their names and know that they are always with me.